Jair Bolsonaro and Aldo Della Rosa

Jair Bolsonaro and Aldo Della Rosa, in the Office of the Federal Deputy in Brasília

Born in Campinas, Jair Bolsonaro is a reserve military man and federal deputy. He is in his seventh term in the Chamber of Deputies, elected by the Progressive Party. He was the most voted deputy of the State of Rio de Janeiro in the general elections of 2014, with 464,565 votes. In this legislative session, Bolsonaro is the head of the Committee on Foreign Relations and National Defense and alternate member of the Committee on Public Security and Combating Organized Crime, in addition to being a member of the Commission on Human and Minority Rights in other sessions.

He is the father of Carlos Bolsonaro, councilman in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Flávio Bolsonaro, deputy state of Rio de Janeiro, and Eduardo Bolsonaro, federal deputy for São Paulo elected by the PSC, party association to which all are currently affiliated.

Jair Bolsonaro is known for his positions in defense of the family, national sovereignty, the right to property and the social values ​​of work and free enterprise. Their political banners are strongly opposed by leftist ideology parties.

In its parliamentary mandates, it stood out in the fight against the eroticization of children in schools and by a greater disciplinary rigor in these establishments, by the reduction of the criminal majority, by the armament of the citizen of good and right to the self defense, by the legal security in the police action and for Christian values. He was the creator of the printed vote, which will certainly contribute to the holding of more reliable and auditable elections.

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