Gilberto Porcello Petry and Aldo Della Rosa

Gilberto Porcello Petry, President of the FIERGS and Aldo Della Rosa

The industrialist Gilberto Porcello Petry was elected to the presidency of the Federation and the Center of Industries of Rio Grande do Sul (FIERGS / CIERGS) for the period 2017/2020. The single-plate elections took place on Tuesday (23) at the organization’s headquarters. While thanking the support of his candidacy, Petry highlighted as one of the flags the “respect to the entrepreneur”, emphasizing the effort of each one in front of its businesses, highlighting the risks that run and the efforts in the generation and maintenance of jobs.

Already the current president, Heitor José Müller, said that “today we are completing another stage of the trajectory” of the two entities with the union brand. According to Müller, the unique candidature sums up this example that the gaucho industrialists, within their limits, give to politicians and managers of the public sector.

The election for the FIERGS command was attended by 93 voters among the 114 affiliated unions. The CIERGS Electoral Assembly registered representatives from 83 industries. The new FIERGS and CIERGS Executive Offices will be held on July 18, and the president of the Federation, industrialist Gilberto Porcello Petry will also manage the Social Service of Industry (Sesi-RS), the National Service for Industrial Learning ( Senai-RS) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute of Rio Grande do Sul (IEL-RS).

Profile for Gilberto Porcello Petry

Industrial manager Gilberto Porcello Petry has been a member of FIERGS and CIERGS Board of Directors since 1986. Weco S / A – Thermo-Mechanical Equipment Industry, Porto Alegre, also serves as a manager or advisor to four other companies in Rio Grande do Sul. South. He graduated from UFRGS in Economics and Business Administration.

Since 1993 FIERGS and CIERGS has coordinated five Thematic Councils in the areas of technical, labor relations and legislative affairs. Currently, he is vice-president of FIERGS and delegate representative of the entity with the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). Since 2001 he has been the President of the Metalworking, Mechanical and Electrical and Electronic Material Union of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Sinmetal).

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