Fausto Silva and Aldo Della Rosa

Fausto Silva, Presenter of the Globo Media and Aldo Della Rosa

Fausto Corrêa da Silva, better known as Faustão, is presenter of the Domingão do Faustão auditorium program, Rede Globo.


He began his career at the age of fourteen, as a reporter for the radio station Centenario de Araras, in the interior of São Paulo. Soon after, it moved to Campinas and worked during five years in Radio Culture, in which it commanded the musical New Pop International. In 1970, he was hired by Radio Record, in the city of. To present the newspaper of the night, of which he was also a writer, and started in the world of sports, starting to work as a field reporter at Jovem Pan – Rádio Panamericana .

In addition to radio, Faustão also devoted himself to journalism and was hired by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo as a sports reporter. It was in this role that he was taken to Radio Globo in 1977, invited by Osmar Santos. At that time, Osmar Santos was attending Public Administration at the Getulio Vargas Foundation and had classes with prominent names in politics such as Eduardo Suplicy and André Franco Montoro.

By the then director of Radio Globo, Francisco Paes de Barros, and the head of the sports team Edison Scatamachia, a schedule was obtained at Excelsior Radio so that Osmar Santos would exert this enthusiasm with the Balancê program, which received theater and television artists , Politicians, had in the humor with the pair Nelson Tatá Alexandre and Carlos Roberto Escova, in the presentation, besides Osmar Santos, with the announcers Juarez Soares, Jorge de Souza, Braga Júnior, Reynaldo Costa and the reporter Castilho de Andrade, In the soundplasty, with the legend of Brazilian radio, João Antônio de Souza, Johnny Black, and in production with Paulo Matiussi and Yara Peres. Fausto participated in the program as reporter or assuming the presentation.

In 1983, with the greater involvement of Osmar Santos in television projects and the departure of Juarez Soares to TV Bandeirantes, Fausto became the first presenter of Balancê, accentuating the comic side with his escrachado way, along with the pair of comedians. At that time, the production of the show was the then secretary of Osmar Santos, former radio operator of Radio Globo, Lucimara Parisi, and journalist Odir Cunha. In October of that same year, the Balancê will be transmitted with an auditorium, from the legendary Pimpão Palhaçaria, in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília, in São Paulo, with the coordination of Mario Jorge Farath Miguel production and the escracho and the fun take over the program , Which continues to welcome artists and politicians.

Lost in the Night

In January 1984, Goulart de Andrade visited Balancê. Impressed, he proposes to Fausto and the whole team the passage from the program to the TV. In March of this year, it aired on TV Gazeta o Perdidos na Noite (Portuguese name of a film with the participation of Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman) at a time purchased by Goulart de Andrade. In September, the program passes to Rede Record, and, in a short time, it dissociates itself from Goulart de Andrade to assume a direction of its own. In 1986, the Lost in the Night happens to be transmitted by TV Bandeirantes for all Brazil, being that before it was only transmitted to São Paulo. At the same station, Fausto even presented the program Safenados e Safadinhos.

Domingão of the Faustão

On March 26, 1989, she made her debut on Rede Globo, a broadcasting station where until today she presents the Domingão do Faustão auditorium program, on Sunday afternoons, with the participation of Caçulinha and Lucimara Parisi until 2009. The program is one of the Oldest of Rede Globo still in the air. In May of 2008, the program reached its thousandth edition, being one of the highest income programs for TV Globo.


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