Entrepreneurship and leadership event at JCCI a success

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industries (JCCI) hosted Global Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program that was conducted by global entrepreneur and consultant Faisal Tahir Khan.

JCCI senior management welcomed Khan, who gave three hours talk on areas related to entrepreneurship, leadership, traits and skill required by entrepreneurs, how to develop entrepreneurial eco-system to control unemployment and transforming Saudi economy into knowledge and innovation economy.

He shared case studies of leading global entrepreneurs and companies and inspired and motivated the attendees to become entrepreneurs and create great projects and companies to solve major issues of the society through entrepreneurial ventures.

Khan also talked about how to develop feasibility studies and successful business plans that helps in securing required funding for projects. Khan also encouraged participants to develop global brands. Khan gave a vision that by 2030 Saudi Arabia should at least have 1 million young entrepreneurs who will add great value in diversifying economy and solving unemployment issue.

Khan’s talk is the beginning of this vision and plans to give such talks across Saudi Arabia and contribute in Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 by developing entrepreneurial eco-system in Saudi Arabia. The event was very well attended by government officials, entrepreneurs, executives and students. — SG

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