10 Ways Slackbots Will Change the Future of Work

Chatbots have proven to be reliable tools that can be used to increase your sales and improve your marketing efforts. Today, hundreds of companies are already harnessing the power of AI-powered virtual assistants. Although most of these organizations use them to help consumers, others have also started to use them as an internal growth-hacking tool.

With the development of business-oriented messaging applications like Slack, the stage is set for chatbots to revolutionize the way we do business. Slackbots that are designed to help a company’s employees are often referred to as internal-facing chatbots, and they can help your employees by answering questions and providing solutions when they need it.

In order to help you understand how these AI-powered virtual assistants can improve your internal operations, I’ve put together an article discussing how Slackbots will change the future of work as we know it.

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